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“Storm Rhino Publishing" was founded by writers for writers.



We offer two main types of publication; commercial and non-commercial; each with mix and match options to suit you and your personal needs. Check our [services] and [publication] pages for more details.



For commercial we generally publish literary fiction and poetry; from the far-flung futuristic dreamscapes of Sci-Fi to the gritty realism of this reality; but we do consider other types of publications that you might want to sell so don't be afraid to submit! All commercial publications would be published under the individual Storm Rhino imprint with you gaining royalties for every sale!



Non-Commercial can be anything from a collection of poems by a writing group right through to a personal story about your family tree or a personalised childrens book for your niece. Fancy writing a memoir about your life or having your screenplay printed? Then let us know as our Non-Commercial service could be for you!



As fellow writers, we follow our passion and our main aim is to guide you through the publishing process; starting from a completed manuscript right through to having a fully finished paperback book. We commit a lot of energy and focus on helping you with your creative ability and have a unique after care incentive where we actively work with authors to engage their inner writer!



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