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Ah Sir! Poetry's B-o-o-o-ring!

Peter Flint

Sit up straight and pay attention

It's POETRY this morning

But you can't just write any old stuff

I'm giving you a warning!

Writing clever or funny thoughts

Is nothing but a crime

To make this intellectual

You have to make it rhyme.


Then to really impress your reader

Nothing in this life is sweeter

Forget your I-pad, mobile phone

You need your Iambic Pentameter

Blank verse you think is easy

Just write down any old stuff

Intonation, alliteration are the tricks

To stop blank verse sounding rougher


Now settle down and write a poem

One that's witty, 'with it', 'coll'

But, remember... you'll be in detention

If you don't follow every rule...



Poetry's Boring


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