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Although primarily Storm Rhino deals with publishing and printing your books, we can also offer an artwork service to fulfil your book cover requirements. Creating artwork can be daunting and difficult if you can't design them yourself (or don't have the contacts) and paying a professional artist to do it for you can get very expensive. If you have some ideas about artistic direction but need some advice on how to develop it, just contact us to see how we can help.





Illustrations can add to the narrative of your book and break up the flow of text but be warned; you don’t want to detract too much from the story with elaborate or unnecessary images that look out of place. If you want to include illustrations, you need to remember that they will take up space in your book, making it longer and therefore thicker which alters things like manufacturing price and visual appeal (not everyone likes a thick book). You also need to consider illustration relevance and placement within the book. Finally, will your illustrations be in colour or black and white?


Enquire for details about illustrations as prices will vary dependent on your requirements.



Book Cover


The book cover is one of the first things people will judge your work on so you need to get this right! Our full book cover designs (front, back and spine) can be purchased as a stand-alone service for £125 or can be added on to your publication submission.


Designing the book cover includes adding the blurb (text submitted by you or created with our assistance), applying the Storm Rhino category symbols (previously determined by you and Storm Rhino) and creation and placement of a barcode. You can also submit your cover art to us for approval after which we can resize to fit your book free of charge (category symbols and barcodes will also be added).


Check out our current catalogue of books to see examples of our work.


If you want us to design your book cover but you aren’t publishing through us then the Storm Rhino category symbols will not be applied to your cover and if you don’t have your own barcode, you must submit your ISBN number so we can create it for you (if you want one).



Cover Builder


Here at Storm Rhino we also offer a free book cover solution where you can submit photos* and images* to place on one of our unique a template. You can change the font style, size and placement to build an individual book cover. Follow the below link to see some examples.


*You must own the rights or permissions to use any photos or images you submit. Storm Rhino will not be held liable for any disputes arising from submitted images. By submitting them to us for use in publication, you confirm you have the necessary permissions to do so.


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