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Fiction : Reinvented

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Bubble Trubble

Peter Flint

Gubble-dee-goo...Handle with care!


If Pancake hadn't been chasing the rabbit, then he wouldn't have tried to take a shortcut through Gubblebum's legs...


If Pancake had not tried to take a short cut through Gubblebum's legs, then she would not have gone flying through the air, empyting all the old rasberry jelly into the spell...


If Gubblebum had not emptied all the old rasberry jelly into the spell, then the magic Gubble-Dee-Goo would never have been invented, Princess Gravellina would never have been trapped and Calvin Osric Oliver Laurence the Third would not have been sent to slay a dragon in exchange for the World's Most Powerful Bubble-Blaster...

Bubble Trubble

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