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Here at Storm Rhino we sell paperbacks exclusively through our own web store. We also sell eBooks through a third party company who distribute these across various platforms and global markets. You can find our eBook store here.

Distribution and Royalties

You must always remember that Storm Rhino are “Publishers” - not “Publicists”.


You must always remember that ‘Waterstones’, ‘Amazon’ and other high profile companies are separate retailers which we have no affiliation with. Storm Rhino is an independent publisher that creates and sells books independently from all other retailers and sales channels.


As a publisher, Storm Rhino is obliged to update the ISBN information register following publication. This information is routinely dispersed to various other online retailers who display this information. We have no control over this information sharing, however these platforms are not licenced sellers of Storm Rhino products and you cannot order brand new Storm Rhino titles from anywhere else but our own web store.





For every paperback we sell, we will cover the manufacturing and distribution costs and then pass on 30% from the net sale made as royalties for you, regardless of how many books you sell.


For eBooks sales, your royalty will be 60% from the net sale.


We pay total royalties accrued on a quarterly basis if the amount is £10 (GBP) or more. You can purchase copies of your own paperback book from us at a reduced price (the reduction is equivalent of the royalty amount you would gain from normal sales) but please read our terms and conditions for full details.

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