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Enlighten [The Cynical Moth by Firelight]

Just + Like + Poison


Hey! Hey you! This is my story and that guy stole it! MINE!


So, there's police and I get my own padded cell and I get adopted by Alans…no wait, aliens…Ok, there's no aliens or Alans but there is something about a church burning down and I GET THE BLAME!

Ain't everyone a Saint nowadays!


HeyHeyHey! You can't put this back on the shelf now, you read it!

I saw!...I'll tell on you.


You read, you buy, that's the rules.


Oh, and when you get to the checkout tell ‘em T.O.M. sent you.


They’ll be expecting you.

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"A captivating masterpiece, nuanced with every shade of gothic intellect."



"Witty, intelligent and darkly satirical - this book challenges you to question society and yourself. Written with a unique blend of poetry and interview sessions, "Enlighten" will truly open your eyes and mind."