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What is Storm Rhino Publishing?


We are an independent hybrid-style publisher formed by writers for writers.

Please see our [About Us] page for more information.

I have written a book and want it publishing - how does Storm Rhino work?


We offer two different types of publication depending what you want from the final outcome. We offer non-commercial (private) so you can just order copies for yourself and friends and we offer commercial (public) where we'd make it available for general sale.

Please see our [Publications] page for more information.

What rights am I giving away if I sign a publishing contract with Storm Rhino?


Only commercial publication requires a publishing contract to be signed. At the heart of the contract, you as the author and creator of the work only grant us the license to publish the work in print and/or digital formats for 12 months only.

Always be sure you are only letting go of what you're happy to give away.

Why do you only offer contracts for twelve months?


Here at Storm Rhino we want you as the author to retain as much flexibility and control as possible. Letting someone take control of your work (for publishing and/or selling purposes) is a big decision not to be taken lightly. We don't want to add to that pressure by making you sign for life so if your publishing goals change in the future, you're not tied in with us forever and are free to change publisher as and when needed.

Read our full terms and conditions for more information relating to contracts and contractual obligations.

Does Storm Rhino require me to have a Literary Agent?


The inclusion of a literary agent during any publication process will add another layer between publisher and author and that would almost certainly have fee implications. This, in some instances,  would require more extensive contract negotiations as well. Normally their fees are deducted at source from accrued royalties on a percentage basis which is agreed between author and agent.

At Storm Rhino, we offer a personal and alternative publishing solution, with every stage in the publication process being fully communicated to any and all parties. We feel this makes the role of a literary agent largely obsolete however we are happy to deal with any party making a submission, be it on behalf of the author or the author themselves.