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Formatting a book (also known as typesetting) in a way that is suitable for printing in paperback can be a confusing aspect of publishing. We can offer you a full formatting service for your manuscript as a stand-alone service or you can add it to your commercial publication submission (which has the mandatory proof-reading and copy-editing service as standard).


For a paperback version of your book, we can combine our knowledge with your requests to create the best and most effective formatting for your book. We don't believe that all books should have a uniform font style and size as each story is unique but we have to be mindful of print and that some font sizes and styles might not be easy to read.


For eBook formatting we have to follow guidelines and there is a much smaller scope for uniqueness, therefore all our eBook creations will confirm to usual standards. Please note that we only publish ‘plain text’ style eBooks and graphic heavy books are not advised for eBook publication submission with us at Storm Rhino.


If you have used our formatting service but an error appears in the printed book, then this will be rectified by us free of charge.


We charge a flat rate of £2 per 1000 words to cover all the necessary formatting requirements per publication output. You can opt to add on dual formatting (for output in both paperback and eBook) as part of your publication submission and you will be charged one formatting charge at the above rate with an additional conversion fee. Please see the publications page for more details.

Formatting and Typesetting