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Genre symbols are used to show the main subject(s) in the title.

(A) Action 0 Genre-Childrens Genre-Coming of Age

Explosions, high-octane chases and more battles than Waterloo. Books of this genre will typically be a rollercoaster ride of excitement either through characterisation or a sequence of events.

Made for the young 'uns! These books could be any of the existing genres as well as being written for children.

Drama, dilemmas and relationships so complex you'd need a compass. Books of this genre will typically be grounded in reality and chronicle the ups and downs of a person coming to terms with a changing world.

Genre-Fantasy Genre-Horror Genre-Dark Humour

You shouldn’t laugh but you do! Dark humour is all about making light of dire situations. As such, this may be an acquired taste and therefore reader discretion is advised.

Myths, maidens and a throne to fight over. Books of this genre with typically be either pseudo-historical or plunge you into a realm where reality is a thing of the past.

Blood, ominous shadows and where the only bump in the night is your heartbeat. Books of this genre will typically be a terrifying journey into the farthest reaches of the unknown.

Genre-Mystery Genre-Real-Life Stories

You should laugh and you do! Humour deals with everything that puts a smile on your face. Books of this genre will typically contain humour that is widely accepted.

Puzzle, intrigue and facts that just don't add up. Books of this genre will typically be an immersive experience into enigmas so vast, even code-breakers think twice.

Heartfelt, tear-jerking, moving, emotional, funny and thought provoking! These are just a few of the emotions you may feel when reading these true-to-life tales.

Genre-Sci-Fi Genre-Thriller

Space, lasers and a place where technology takes on a life of its own. Books of this genre will typically be set in a futuristic world where mankind isn't always in control.

Suspense, suspense, [pause] SUSPENSE! Books of this genre will typically include an intense narrative where reality has gone awry.

Genre-Humour (A) Poetry 0

Simple, understated, beautiful and ... poetic.