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Fiction : Reinvented

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Claire-Louise Page


There is no honour when justice is blind.


Tatsuya Hayagawa faces a punishing challenge when he comes home to find his father and brother murdered and his sister left for dead. His world is torn apart and everything he has ever known is thrown into turmoil. Events take a more sinister turn when his friends become victim to a mysterious stalker and it soon becomes clear they're after Tatsuya. With no other choice but to confront those responsible, Tatsuya embarks on a dangerous journey to find out who is behind all the bloodshed and make them pay.


When your eyes have been closed for so long, are you really sure you want to open them again?

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"This book had me hooked from the very beginning! Lots of twists and turns and a lot of life learning! Amazing book! Would highly recommend everyone to buy and read this!"



"The book had a gripping storyline which totally kept me reading and the characters are well-drawn. And the world they inhabit was also really vivid."


This title is also available as an eBook [here]