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Gubblebum and the Lost Ness Monster

Peter Flint

Being married to a Prince was great but like most young mums, Gubblebum sometimes felt bored. When she phone Amanda Salad, an old friend from Hagricultural College, she didn't realise that she would set out to find the no-see-sea-serpents which were terrorising the lovely resort of Baywitch.


She might have had second thoughts if she had known she would have to save the Royal Yacht Lasagne from Battleship Grey Jake and his video pirates; then journey many leagues under the sea to the court of King Raptune.


A quiet evening watching the witches favourite T.V. cookery programme: "Blood and Stink" would have been preferable to battling the evil, gigantic sea-monster, Leviathan...still, the five sea-serpents, the U.F.O. and a romantic ending surely made it all worthwhile!



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