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“Rome wasn’t built in a day…they did night-shifts as well!”


Writing is a journey. It is more than simply putting words on a page; it’s about taking them off the page and bringing them to life. It’s about creating believable worlds that readers will want to visit and be part of again and again. In many ways, writing is a solitary hobby with a social purpose – to unite and bring people together.


Growing up, I marvelled at the simple yet powerful narratives of a lot of Eighties teen movies and TV shows. So it was little surprise then when I developed my primary writing in young adult fiction. But far from recreating bland imitations of what had come before, I became intrigued with hybridisation and fusing elements from different forms to create something a little more exciting. Every story is, at heart, a recipe; and like any chef I wanted to add a few of my own signature ingredients to the mix when crafting my young adult fiction. Two special ingredients I tend to come back to time and again are science fiction and psychology as I find they really give those YA stories a bit of added spice!

After four full-length YA novels, I decided to branch out and experiment with other genres, finding the Horror and Younger Readers genres brilliant places from which to explore and develop my craft (though not within the same project, of course!). Along the way I was fortunate enough to pen a poetry anthology after setting myself a creative challenge to tell a story via a series of linked yet separate poems, all written in Shakespearian-era English as homage to the Bard’s wonderful Sonnets which first inspired me.


Outside of written worlds, I love cats and dodo birds and dream of one day having a smallholding somewhere up North where I can keep a minimum of two cats, two donkeys, and one Turkish samovar…just ‘because’.


Words free us all. Live your story and love those closest to your heart.


Matthew Delaney

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