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We offer a full manuscript proof-reading and copy-editing combined service to cover, arguably, the most important part of publication. This service is essential if you are submitting your manuscript for commercial publication but it is also available as a stand-alone service if you want critical feedback.


We charge £6 per 1000 words for our dual-layered editing as this covers the time taken. The first layer involves the initial proof-reading and copy-editing service. Your personally assigned editor not only corrects mistakes they find but also raises questions, provides alternative ideas and makes suggestions as to how you might improve the overall flow of the work. Our aim is to make sure that readers can follow your plot progression and enjoy the narrative but without drastically changing your writing style. The author remains in full control of the process at all times as you are free to accept or decline the changes as you see fit.


Once the working manuscript has been amended and accepted by both parties, it is passed across for the second stage in our dual-layered service. At this stage, a second editor will review the final text to ensure it meets our high standard and raise anything that may have been missed previously.


Every submission will be handled with the utmost precision and diligence and on the rare occasions where some minor errors slip through; our quality assurance procedures will make amends when notified at no further cost to the author. We encourage aspiring authors to draft and read their own work before submission for proof-reading, however we also understand that new authors unfamiliar to the process of writing and drafting a novel will require more help and assistance in perfecting their story.


With the age of eBooks and self-publishing, anyone can submit their work to be sold with no prior quality checking and while we’re all for working outside the box where necessary, we do believe the simple errors like spelling should be tackled! So our proof-reading service is really for a second (and then third) person to read your work and comment on the way it reads. It enables us to see your work in its entirety and to categorise your work (see category symbols). If you need extra help or advice about writing or drafting your novel, email us with your questions and we will be happy to answer your queries.

Proof-Reading and Copy Editing