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Fiction : Reinvented

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Matthew Delaney

A birthday wish and a place where the past is very much present.


Luke Hudson never had a normal childhood; raised by his Grandparents, he has never known his mother and barely has contact with his dad; but when he blows out the candles on his 21st birthday cake, the last thing Luke expects is for his wish to know his parents better to come true. In the blink of an eye he finds himself back in 1990, back in a time when he was barely a year old and his parents are both very much around.


Struggling to come to terms with what's going on, Luke discovers that he has been given a rare chance to alter his future for the better. But what Luke considersbetter and what is actually changeable aren't always one and the same. Battling his own anger at the same time as trying to get close to his parents, Luke is shocked to discover that he is not alone and that the fate of several people he cares about is intertwined in a way he never thought possible. What ensues is a race against time and his own feelings in a time where futures are fulfilled and broken as easily as hearts.


Furthermore, every major change comes with a sacrifice. What will Luke's be? And will he be willing to make it when he learns the truth of what happened back in 1990?

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“An emotionally well-written journey through one young man’s dream of healing his fractured family. A passionate, relatable piece of literature that shows anything is possible with a good heart.”